SAINTS'QUARTER: Ep.3 "Club Jude" #01

Created by C.R. Fahey

What do you do when things won't just go back to normal? Episode Three begins!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Halfway Through Shipping! (LAST CALL for Address Updates!)
30 days ago – Mon, May 08, 2023 at 11:33:55 AM

Quick one today just as a reminder:

As covered in the last update, comic orders are going out! If anyone has any changes to make to addresses, please submit those to me by the end of this week or I will not be able to update the forms in time. 

Do be sure to check your email for tracking numbers and links to downloads. If there are any issues with tracking or digital rewards, feel free to message me for help. :)

Next time: A couple of event announcements and news on the next issue... 

Books are Heading Out!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Apr 25, 2023 at 04:39:50 PM

It's finally that time!

All eBooks are out and available for download and physical rewards are starting to hit the mail as of this week! 

Tracking numbers should be popping up in email for everyone whose package has shipped so far. Once the last label is printed, all numbers will be sent again through BackerKit to make sure everyone is able to keep track of their things as they travel.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or issues.


Proofs are here! (Address Deadline)
2 months ago – Fri, Apr 07, 2023 at 04:33:36 AM

Short update today:

The hard copy proof arrived yesterday and this...



I'm sending the approval in today and comics should be hitting the mail within the next 2-3 weeks. Digital rewards are going out this weekend.

REMINDER: Addresses must be updated and current by the end of today if you want your orders to go out on time!

Happy Friday~

Proofs are on the Way! (Addresses Locking Soon)
2 months ago – Mon, Apr 03, 2023 at 12:18:49 PM

Hey all! It's been a little longer than intended since the last update, hasn't it? Here we are, though, and with plenty to catch up on:

Throughout March, the final artwork was finished, files were adjusted, and orders were sent out to the printer! I had hoped to have comic proofs in hand by the time I posted again, but they were a little delayed in hitting the mail...  As of today, though, I received updated tracking info and should be seeing them within only a few more days! Once I've been able to look through and make any last adjustments that may be needed, it'll be only a couple of weeks more before comics are done and on their way to all of you.

In the meanwhile, the deadline to submit your addresses is coming up soon! Backers must ensure that their information on BackerKit is complete and current by Friday if they want their packages heading out at the same time as everyone else's. 

After Friday, the first round of distribution begins: Digital Rewards! EBooks are all up and waiting to go once addresses are locked, so you should expect to see yours by next week. 

For physical rewards backers, there's still a couple of weeks of printing and packaging before everything is squared away, but I've got a small look, at least, at what's coming your way:

Charms are in and trading cards will be arriving alongside comics, while stickers and Lore Buncles are made in-house and will be finished over this next week.

I'll be back again next Monday with some shots of these and another update on the printing progress. 

Thank you all so much, again, for your support! 


Surveys Extended & Unlocked Card Winner Declared!
4 months ago – Tue, Feb 21, 2023 at 04:20:07 PM

A decent amount of surveys have been completed by now, but due both to a few still lingering and a slight slowdown on comic pages, I've decided to extend the deadline to the end of February. This should give everyone plenty of time to lock in their add-ons, addresses, and so on before surveys are closed and cards are charged.

Meanwhile, it's time to announce the winning vote for the unlocked trading card and sticker: Along with Roe, those who pledged at the trading card level will also be receiving The Pixie! 

This fuzzy little unofficial mascot of the series will be the first Beast card of the set!

The runner-up in the poll, David, won't have long to wait before getting his own feature. When the next chapter campaign comes, he will be the first available Card for backers to add to their rewards. But it's a bit early to be worrying about that now...

Surveys for this issue, as stated above, will be open until February 28th. Once again, anyone who has difficulties navigating BackerKit can feel free to message me for help. 

Deliveries will be a couple of weeks later than originally planned, but I'm finishing up the last few pages and making all necessary layout adjustments for print, so the comic itself is just about ready to send out for proofs! 

Catch you next time,